Marqueeosk™ Tablet PhotoBooth

Branding, Events, Occasions & More!

Marqueeosk™ engages your customers and visitors with a deeply branded kiosk that showcases your marquee and brand assets on their personalized photos. Prices are in United States Dollars.

Marqueeosk™ Branded Event PhotoBooth
Marqueeosk™ Branded Tablet PhotoBooth

Experience an app that showcases the branding capabilities in action, optimized for an event, convention, or trade show setting.
Punykura Logo

Japanese-inspired purikura effects light up your PhotoBooth experince with interactive stamps and frames.
Its role in event branding has been mentioned in VOGUE Japan(Google Translate: Article 1, Article 2).
Frames that enclose and immerse the piece. Stamps that can be twisted, flipped, and zoomed into position. Punykura packs these flashy theatrics right into your tablet! Leverage the talent behind Punykura.

Base Product

Marqueeosk™ Tablet PhotoBooth for Android™ tablets & smartphones$499
Update to previous purchase — Previously purchased and just need a minor update with tweaks and changes?
The base price for an update is $99. If major changes are requested, the price may be more. This does not include additional Add-Ons being added by the update. Inquire with what your are requesting for a quote.
As low as $99

Standard features


Downplay powered by branding — Hides the powered by Compukaze & Punykura branding that appears on the sub-menus of the app. Note that the content and notices will still be there within the About screen even with this add-on.$199

Something More?

Need something exotic or extra like animated stamps and frames, localized language, or something not listed here? Be sure to ask. If your request requires something non-trivial, you may get a quote. The standard tablet photo booth is designed for Android™ tablets. Need it to run on iPad®? Inquire.

Contact & Order

to order or inquire about a custom Tablet PhotoBooth for Android™ tablets & smartphones!

Base Product


System Requirements

Note that you will need to be able to enable installing apps from unknown sources. Most Android devices have this option in the security or applications section of their settings. Devices with a version level below Android 2.2 Froyo(which is over 3 years old), or that have uncommon, oddball configurations may not be supported. If your device can run the example app, it will run a custom tailored one. Modeled after the Branded Event PhotoBooth app.

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